If you have a lower (or upper) cabinet in your kitchen that isn’t flush to a wall, then this Easy Faux Shiplap End Cabinet Upgrade could be just the thing to elevate that blank canvas!

When we moved into our house, the kitchen was a 1970s…..dream? Nightmare? There were bright orange countertops, guys. There are SO MANY projects that we’ve done to this house (so far), but this was definitely one of the easiest.

All the cabinets and counters were along the main part of the kitchen, but there was this little corner nook between the 2 doorways that was empty. So we decided to add a little more counter space and storage by having our friend Casey install a lower cabinet.

After probably a year of never buying the cabinet end panel, I thought – is there something we can do ourselves to finish that?

I perused Pinterest (as one does for endless home inspiration) and found a great idea – Enter the faux shiplap end panel!

We headed over to Home Depot and found some 1/8″ plywood, that was just perfect for this small project.

After figuring out how wide we wanted our faux shiplap, Zak cut it to size, spaced it, and then we glued and used a finishing nailer to finish it up.

Then all that was left was to paint it! I used Glidden Premium Eggshell in White.

This Easy Faux Shiplap End Cabinet Upgrade was so easy, and probably only took about 2 hours start to finish! And look at the finished product – a great little shiplap accent to our kitchen that catches your eye when you walk by.

Here’s a couple before & after pictures of the rest of the kitchen too, cuz I just love it so much! I felt like such an adult picking out counters, floor tile and backsplash haha! My Mom-in-law and I spent several weeks before we moved in scrubbing and painting all the cabinets, which made a HUGE difference on their own! Never underestimate the power of paint! The kitchen isn’t totally done, but is any house project REALLY ever done???

Where To Use Faux Shiplap

The great thing about this Faux Shiplap process, is you can pretty much do it anywhere to add some interest and detail.

Here’s some ideas I have:

  • Behind your TV
  • On the wall your bed is on
  • On a ceiling (we’re thinking this for our kitchen!)
  • In a playroom
  • On your fireplace surround
  • Around your kitchen island

The most popular trend has been to paint shiplap white, but more and more colors are coming to the forefront! I’m seeing some really nice Black or wooded stain shiplap that adds a punch of bold color to a room – really, the sky’s the limit!