We’ve all seen it.

We’ve all had it someplace or another in our home – in a hallway, in a bedroom and/or in a bathroom.

The dreaded Boob Light (everyone calls them that, right? It’s not just me?)

These brass-accented, frosted domes have adorned every place I have ever lived. I mean, it serves a purpose – to give light to a room, but if you could have something else…..wouldn’t you?

I would. And I did. Or rather, I picked out some awesome lights, and my husband switched them over…..because he doesn’t mind getting slightly electrocuted.

Tip: Make sure to turn off the fuse to the light you’re changing so you don’t get slightly electrocuted.


The first one we (Zak) swapped out was at the end of our entry hallway and kind of tricky. It’s in a pretty awkward position – right at the bottom of a couple stairs leading up to our kitchen, and in a corner. Plus, the basement door couldn’t be opened all the way or it would hit the light. So I went on a hunt for a super low-profile option. And one day, in the clearance section of Home Depot, I found it!

This light checked all the boxes – LED, black, super low-profile, and on sale.


Next up was the entryway.

This one REALLY bothered me because I could see it from my spot on the couch. It was always there….its brass footing blinding me in the morning sunlight. Taunting me at night with its frosted yellow glow. Over it.

I’d had my eye on a couple different farmhouse lantern style lights for this one. I really loved the 4-candle versions, but I didn’t think I’d like the fake candle look for long, plus they were more expensive. So I went with this single bulb semi flush mount lantern (that I waited to get on Amazon Prime Day), and it fits perfectly. Our entryway is pretty small, so something larger would be awkward. And I had to factor in the front door swing and my 6’4 tall husband.

farmhouse lantern entry light
Look at that Edison bulb!

Upstairs Hallway

Last but not least was the upstairs hallway. I was going back and forth between slightly different farmhouse lights, but eventually #3 won out because of the seeded glass, it was easier to change the bulb if needed, and it was cheaper. Also purchased during Amazon Prime Day, so double savings win!

farmhouse lights

Installing said light

SO much better!

seeded farmhouse light

We’re pretty happy with our lack of boob lights and addition of farmhouse elements. The areas we added them in were pretty dark to begin with, so having an LED, exposed bulb, and clear glass really helps brighten up everything!

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on updates or want to stay in a budget, keeping an eye out for sales, shopping around, and having a little patience can pay off! I think I spent around $90 total for these 3 lights, which our bank account is loving!

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