There’s an old, cobbled together, wood play structure in our yard that came with our house – we’ve contemplated tearing it down several times, got a smaller Little Tykes playground for our toddler, but here we are 2 years later, and it’s still standing.

Lil’ Bubba (not his real name) loves playing on it, but the ramp is too steep for him to walk up, so he sticks his little fingers in between the boards and crawls up. Very successfully might I add. I was impressed the first time I saw him do it.

A couple weeks ago I was watching Lil’ Bubba pull himself up the ramp, and an idea came to me.

Rock. Climbing. Wall.

I jumped on to Amazon, and after a couple minutes, found these rock climbing holds that were just perfect for what I was imagining.

Today is our not-so-little guy’s 3rd Birthday, and during nap, (thank God he still takes these or we’d never get anything done haha!) my husband took the opportunity to get the rock climbing wall addition installed.

Build It!

This is a pretty straight-forward project.

First he figured out the spacing. Then he drilled pilot holes through the rock climbing holds.

Then he got everything screwed in, tightened, and the screws capped. That’s it!

A quick and easy upgrade to the play structure that makes it just a little more purposeful and intentional. I’m also contemplating painting this monstrosity……….don’t tell my husband.

We’re pretty excited to see his reaction to this Rock Climbing Wall Addition, though he’s currently obsessed with this Tetris Bubble Pop Puzzle thingy I got him for his birthday. Seriously – he played with this for 2.5 hours straight with just a quick muffin break.

Rock Climbing Hold Ideas

  • A great addition to an existing play structure (obviously)
  • In a playroom (super cute idea, but make sure to find the studs!)
  • Attach to a sturdy tree as a way to get up to a treehouse

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